There are very less curved monitor that comes under the price range of 200$

Philips Computer Monitors 328E9QJAB is one of them, It has a curved panel display and this is the main reason why there are many people who purchased it.

Since, If you loved to play games, Or If you have some Excel work, office work, then curved monitors are very useful at that time, As you can cover a large screen size without moving your head. Also, if you are looking for best monitors with speakers, then you can checkout this article.

So, there are lots of benefits of purchasing a curved panel display and in this video, I am going to review and sharing my opinion about Philips Computer Monitors 328E9QJAB monitor.

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Philips Computer Monitors 328E9QJAB Review –

Philips Computer Monitors 328E9QJAB is very useful to monitor for all users. it doesn’t matter that you are a programmer, Writer, Gamer, etc. A curved monitor can do almost all your work easily.

This monitor comes with 32 inches big screen which is completely HD and you can enjoy it very much. The curved monitor will give you another level of experience while using it. So, this might be a good option to buy for this monitor.

On this price range, it is impossible to find such good monitors which have a curved panel displays.

They look classy, premium and also, curved monitors are really helpful to cover lots of display without moving your neck.

So, if you have neck pain, or looking for a comfort monitor then you must try a curved monitors display.


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However, looking at the complete specifications of this Philips Computer Monitors 328E9QJAB monitor then this one comes with Ultra-wide color technology that gives you perfect color density while playing games, editing videos and performing day to day tasks.

it has lots of array of connectivity ports such as fast HDMI ports, USB ports, audio input, and outport ports and also VSA port available to connect it with your working devices.

So, there is no doubt that Phillips makes such great monitors that come with almost all features.

Refresh Rate And Response Rate

Philips Computer Monitors 328E9QJAB comes with a 75 Hz refresh rate that provides you flicker-free screen while playing high graphics games such as Fortnite or pubg.

You can really enjoy your very smooth gameplay with AMD FreeSync technology that comes inbuilt in it. Phillips technology can control automatically brightness according to your gaming scene so that all the things can be clearly visible to you while you are in the game.

This is one of the main features that make it a more comfortable monitor.


Premium Build Quality

Due to its curved panel display, it looks very premium monitor. But, in this price range, it is a very good looking monitor.

It has Ultra-narrow borders so you didn’t get distracted much while working on your monitor. Especially while doing some work in which more focus needed.

Also, due to its build quality, its display looks very big and very comfortable while doing your work.


Conclusion –

In the end, this monitor is another one of the great choices for purchasing. Like HP monitor and Acer G276HL monitor, this one also comes with inbuilt powerful speakers.

And, that was the reason, we added this monitor in our list.

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